GKA juni 2018 june 27th - july 1Tarifa


3th place Yahoo….

The original home of the Tarifa Strapless Pro, now in its fifth year for 2018 this will be a huge combined event, with both the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle and GKA Kiteboarding World Tour competitions running at the same spot in Valdevaqueros! For the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2018 Tarifa is round four, whereas for the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour, it’s round two.

Formidably strong winds mix with a vibrant and energetic Andalucian crowd, all frothing at the next level tricks that are regularly stomped close in to shore. If it’s an electric ‘football stadium’ style atmosphere and huge levels of fun you’re after, come join us for this one!



Contestant Sponsors Points
Mikaili Sol North Kiteboarding 2100
Hannah Whiteley North Kiteboarding 2067
Pippa Van Iersel Cabrinha 2034
Gina Bihn North Kiteboarding 2001
Angely Bouillot Core Kiteboarding 1968
Maureen Castelle 1968
Osaïa Reding Commaille F-One Kiteboarding 1968
Pauline Valesa F-One Kiteboarding 1968
Isabeau Galiart Airush Kiteboarding 1836
Bibiana Magani North Kiteboarding 1836
Vera Klabbers RRD Kiteboarding 1836