Don’t try until you get it right, try until you can’t get it wrong.



My qualities

I started kiting when I was 13 years old. First just controlling the kite on the beach and when I was 14 I went with my dad in the water. That's where our passion started. He always said: You eat, you sleep, you go to school, play an instrument and you have to choose a sport. And my question was, How? He: Just do it.



To finance all my training, competitions and trips I work as a videographer.



Kite, eat, sleap... And also gym, eating healthy and being mental prepared. Everything to develop myself as a good athlete.

Traveling with

Traveling with

This is part of my business. I'm a coach and give clinics at several locations. Super nice and inspiring to work with people.


one step...

Pippa Tinkebel

more about me

Born in 1999 and I live in Schellinkhout, the Netherlands.

Since the age of thirteen, I have been an enthusiastic kitesurfer. I try to kite as much as possible and enjoy every moment on the water. If there is no wind Iā€™m wakeboarding or being busy with other sports! From where I live it’s only ten minutes by bike, to get to my home spot.

I have been competing since two years now. I try to compete as much as possible. I had been participating in several national competitions like OZK and KBO. This year I went international. Kicking off with a third place at the Junior World championships in France and a stunning second place at the Junior European championships. My best finish this year was the first place at the Dutch Nationals senior woman.

I studied at the DutchFilmersAcademy. At the moment I spend a lot of time for media, film and photography. You can follow my lifestyle on this website. I want to travel to many good kitespots in the world. I only want to focus on kitesurfing and filming.